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Photo Inspired Art
Digital Art Works

Gallery I

by  Edward R. Rogaishio

The Artist routinely takes many photos of places, persons, and anything which may inspire a new painting. These archival Giclee prints are the result of the Artist's creative use of Photography and the Computer. It has required a mix of Creative Innovation along with Modern Technology to make these true works of Fine Art.



  Blue Caladiums                                          Blue Caladiums-x   




                          Clivia                                     Yellow Cereus                     




        Trail Mates                                               Mysterious Worlds     




Lavender Mist                                          Lavender Gold




          Lavender Mist II                                 Poinsettia                   




Sunlight Cereus                                                       Violet Falls      




  Summer Garden                                             Moth Orchids       




           St. Francis                                    Celtic Melodies       




    Sunny Window                                   Pink Phlox          




  Daylilies                                                                    Gristmill  


Gallery II  /  III



Very Dear Friends of the Artist, who allowed him to take many floral photographs,
Victor & Nelda DeRosa.

DeRosa Florist
Prize-winning Orchids, Flowers & Greenhouses
54 Highland Street
Natick, Massachusetts 01760  



Giclée Prints of All above:
Image Size: 10 x 7.5 inches on 11 x 8.5 matte photo digital paper

Archival: To at least 100 Years without noticeable fading~
With diligent care twice that time
Original Number #1 Print: $75

All Artworks available as Greeting/Note-cards. See Prices & Shipping.

US Shipping & Packaging: $6.50.

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