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Edward R. Rogaishio
Fine Artist / Author


Fine Arts Oil Painter from Impressionistic and Abstract to Experimental, 3-Dimentional, Computer,
 Mixed Medium, Sculpture, Giclée and Fractal work.. Subjects include the Real and the Conceptual.

His studies include classes at the Danforth Museum, workshops with Robert Cormier, Martha Manns,
Victor Petrov-Grinev of Lomonosov, Russia, and video workshops. Basically he is self-taught
and is constantly experimenting and pushing the envelope.

A member of the Framingham Artist's Guild and a Past President, he is also, a member of
the Danforth Museum, the Cape Cod Art Association, the Falmouth Artists Guild,
the Southboro Arts Center, and the Blackstone Valley Art Association.

He has been accepted into the Fractal Art Museum Enterprise and awarded the FAME logo.

His works have been in numerous Group and One-man Shows.
He has won various awards at various venues.

His works are in a number of Private and Business Collections.


Fine Art Shows, Exhibits & Competitions – One Man & Group

Often many Venues many times.

Yankee General Gallery, Gloucester Mass.

House of Taus, Magnolia, Mass.

Framingham Town Library, Framingham, Mass. 

Temple Beth Am, Framingham, Mass.

Cloughs Drugstore, Framingham, Mass.

Danforth Museum, Framingham, Mass.

Hudson Arts Association, Hudson, Mass.

Bellingham town Library, Bellingham, Mass.

Boston Symphony Hall, Boston, Mass.

Boston City Hall, Boston, Mass.

Ross Gallery, Brookline, Mass.

Congregational Church, Wellesley, Mass.

Southboro Arts Alliance, Southboro, Mass.

Westboro Public Library, Westboro, Mass.

Easy Motions, Natick, Mass

Premier Image Gallery, Ashland, Mass

Fitness Together, Ashland, Mass.

Theater One, Ashland, Mass.

Cape Cod Art Association, Barnstable, Mass.

Rockport Chamber of Commerce, Rockport, Mass.

Falmouth Artists Guild, Falmouth, Mass.

DeCordeva Museum, Lincoln, Mass.

Performing Arts Center, Framingham, Mass.

Japanese Pavilion, Prince Menchikov’s Palace,
Lomonosov, Russia

Et Al







Local Newspaper, The Baltic Beam, Lomonosov, Russia








          News Special:
   Arts & Entertainment

                                         Edward Rogaishio at his painting studio in his home in Framingham, April 21, 2011.

Local author: 'A Mischievous Artist'

by Reporter: Chris Bergeron, Daily News Staff


Marshall Wolff/FOR DAILY NEWS AND WICKEDLOCAL     MAY 22, 2011



He studied for the priesthood, fought fires and joined Mensa. He negotiated contracts for town employees, traveled to Russia and paints psychedelic scenes. Now retired, he writes stories about finding miracles in everyday moments.

Born and bred in Framingham, Edward R. Rogaishio is, at once, a classic townie and a local version of a Renaissance man.

"Once I get into something," he said, "I go into it with both hands and feet."

He has recently published "Midnight to Infinity: The Humor and History of a Mischievous Artist," an honest, engaging memoir that begins simply by asking "Who am I?"

Memo to Framingham History Center: If you want to pack a time capsule with artifacts that show how people lived, thought and felt during the second half of the 20th century, include this book.

As a memoirist approaching 80, Rogaishio has chronicled his eventful years as a sort of slide show of the life of an ordinary guy who found humor and good will in everyone and everything.

It's not hard to imagine Rogaishio as the sort of town fixture 150 or 100 years ago, whittling outside the courthouse or sitting with friends in a downtown coffee shop, watching life go by with an amused, sometimes sly but always warm smile.

In a protracted subtitle, he describes what he's written as "A Unique and Rich Amalgam of Short Stories, Poems and Narratives That Will Touch Your Every Emotion from Laughter to Tears! A Diamond Mine Filled With Gems For Every Reader."

Despite what seems like bombast, he deserves credit for truth in advertising.

Rogaishio's book has received acclaim from varied sources.

Hollywood movie star Rhonda Fleming wrote she was "transported into Ed's amazing world of both despair and triumph! (It is) An incredible story that few ever travel inviting us to experience his sorrows and joys, delighting and inspiring us with his poignant poetry and prose and uncanny, devilish sense of humor."

Peter Gouveia, a fellow member of the Framingham Artist Guild, said "'Midnight to Infinity' is the life story of a New England boy...told in a unique style of openly emotional and loving prose and poetry....He has observed the complications of his life and everyone and everything around him and continues to enjoy life with all its idiosyncrasies."

Rogaishio's early life reflects the experience of several generations of European immigrants who came to the South Side for work and established neighborhoods that still exist today.

He recalled, "My parents, Peter and Mary Rogaishio, were from Lithuania and Poland. We lived at 134 Arlington St. Both were hard workers. My father earned between $6 and $12 a week making cast iron radiators at Guerney Heaters."

Though his origins were ordinary, young Edward was not.

Though never divorced, his parents drifted apart. He lived with his mother, a religious woman with limited English who took in boarders so she could send him to Catholic high school.

Rogaishio could draw well from an early age but in his late teens felt the stirrings of a religious calling and entered the Catholic Foreign Mission Society seminary in which he studied philosophy while considering entering the priesthood.

Looking back, Rogaishio writes his life took several serendipitous turns.

Before taking his vows, he decided the life of a foreign missionary wasn't for him and returned to Framingham with a degree in philosophy but no job.

But he knew a nun who was the sister of the late Anthony Colonna, who ran the town's Public Works Department, who got him a job in the Water Department.

Then a friend named John Cochrane suggested Rogaishio apply to the Fire Department which in 1955 paid $4,000 for 56-hour weeks.

For the next 31 years, Rogaishio advanced through the department, rising to the rank of deputy chief of a modernized organization.

He has been married for 52 years to Eleanor Mary Messana. They have four children, three sons and a daughter.

Appointed to the town's Finance Committee, he became known as a hard-nosed negotiator of contracts for town employees in five departments.

After retiring in 1980, Rogaishio bought a set of oil paints and brushes at a yard sale and resumed the passion for art he'd set aside years ago.

Since then, he's been a member of the Framingham Artists Guild for 26 years and served as its president for 10 years. Over the years his style has evolved from largely realistic oil paintings, to impressionist scenes to his current fascination with abstraction. He estimates he's completed 600 paintings since picking up his brushes again.

"If Picasso can do it," Rogaishio joked, "so can I."

As a painter, he's remarkably prolific and has created several series ranging from realistic scenes of Sturbridge Village to several fantasy series, including one based on his imaginary Crystal Lands and another on Norse mythology.

In "Midnight to Infinity," Rogaishio has included an eclectic mix of straightforward personal history including an insightful account of his trip to Lomonosov, Russia, Framingham's sister city, to whimsical poetry and philosophic meditations of his own life.

By the end of this quirky, engaging 324-page book, many readers will conclude he has answered his own question -- "Who am I?"

Ed Rogaishio is an artist of life.

To learn about Rogaishio and view his art, visit


"Midnight to Infinity: The Humor and History of a Mischievous Artist"
By Edward R. Rogaishio
American Book Publishing|324 pages, $24.95

Signed copies available on Artist's Web site.

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Personal Biography

Author receiving the book, "The Tale of the Battle
of the Kulikovo Field" in a copy of the 16th Century Russian
Illuminated Codex, from Victor Petrov-Grinev, President of Kolorit,
at the Artists' Reception, Lomonosov, Russia 1996

               The author, born July 15, 1931,  in Framingham, Massachusetts, lived several years as a child
          in Worcester and was schooled his first two years in St. Anthony School. Then moving back to
          Framingham, he was enrolled in St. Stephen School through the Ninth Grade when he became
          Class President, and also, received the American Legion School Award of Distinguished
          Achievement. Graduating he received a scholarship to Sacred Heart High in Newton. 

               After high school his next four years were spent in Maryknoll, the Catholic Foreign Mission
          Society of America where he received his BA in Philosophy which colors all his works and thinking.
          Though he has a happy and silly off-the-wall side, many of his pieces are metaphysical, deeply
           introspective and carry into the afterlife.   

                Years later while working in the Framingham Fire Department, he went to night school at
          Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester where he received his Associate Degree in Fire
          Science with Highest Honors.

                Writing, especially descriptive, letters, and hard-hitting papers, was something at which
          he excelled and these were challenges he always enjoyed. While in the Fire Department where he
          eventually rose to the rank of Deputy Fire Chief, he became heavily involved with the Firefighters
          Union and originated and was the Editor of the
Union Post, the firefighters‘ newsletter.  

                Being basically a shy person, in 1972 he joined Mensa, and this gave him the badly needed self-confidence
          to stand up to any person in any situation. He held many positions through his career with the department:
Secretary of the Union, Chief Bargaining Agent for the Union, Spokesman for the five Town employee groups,
and the All Unions Representative to the town Special Committee on Collective Bargaining
all of which demanded a great deal of writing of information, contract and research papers.  

                His doggedness to learn everything possible so as to do the best possible work and attain the best possible results,
          led him into being elected a Town Meeting Member and an appointment as a member of the Standing Committee
          on Personnel. His hard work and knowledgeable efforts won him an appointment to the Town Finance Committee,
          FinCom, the only working town employee ever to hold this position. As a member of FinCom, he was appointed
          Subcommittee Chairman of all the Town Social Service groups and Departments.

                Retiring from the Fire Department after thirty-one years of service, he joined the Framingham Artists‘ Guild, became
          an accomplished artist, served as President for nine and one half years and was Editor of the Guild‘s newsletter for
          some twelve years. Also, he became a vice-President of the Framingham, Massachusetts Sister Cities group FLAME
          (Framingham Lomonosov Association for Mutual Exchange) paired with Lomonosov, Russia. He is the Resident
          Artist and Editor of FLAME‘s biennial newsletter. Through contact via FLAME, and as President of the Guild at
          the time, he chaired an Art Cultural Exchange project between the Guild and the Lomonosov, Russian artist group,
          Kolorit. As Trip Master and artist, he with other artists, exhibited art works in the Japanese Pavilion of Prince
          Menchikov‘s Palace, a favorite of Peter the Great, in Lomonosov, Russia in 1996. 

In 2009 he had his first book published- "Midnight to Infinity the Humor and History of a Mischievous Artist".
A Bio filled with Hilarious Humor, Awesome Adventure,
Heart-Rending Tragedy, Spirituality, and Love

                Presently he is enjoying time with his wife, his children, and grandchildren, and he is continuing
his writing and fine art work.

Edward R. Rogaishio
1 Harrison Place
Framingham, MA 01702-2311

Edward R. Rogaishio
Fine Artist & Author of Book:
'Midnight to Infinity the Humor and History
of a Mischievous Artist'

Past Editor of Newsletters:
The Union Post; Framingham Artist’s Guild;
FLAME (Framingham Lomonosov Association for Mutual Exchange) 

Author of: ‘Ye Royal Goatee’ Short Story Series- Outrageous Humor

Listed: Strathmore’s Who’s Who
Cambridge Who’s Who

Continuous Member: Cape Cod Art Association – 20 Years
Framingham Artists’ Guild – 28 Years

Retired: Deputy Fire Chief, Framingham

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