With Photos from the Turn of the Century

A Bio filled with Hilarious Humor, Awesome Adventure,
Heart-Rending Tragedy, Spirituality, and Love

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"Awesome", "Incredible", "Must Read", "Eloquent",
"Hilarious", "Devilish Humor", "Inspiring", "Poignant",

"Whimsical", "Witty", "Wise", "Powerful Prose",
"Art of the Storyteller"

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Journeys Within the Mind of
the Artist

Even after the Artist had built the three new Series,
Ethereals, Ethos and
He still felt that this type artwork was far from finished. The inner spirit continued
to nag him to go on and on! Thus he created an additional series
he titled:
EXPI-EXPI. This separated it from the previous series as he
moved in a different direction. This new series has climbed to over 200
original artworks and it continues to torment the artist to pour out more and more.

Below is a selection from the First Fifty of this "EXPI-EXPI" series.



 EXPI-EXPI 07                                                EXPI-EXPI 10



EXPI-EXPI 12                                               EXPI-EXPI 14



EXPI-EXPI 17                                               EXPI-EXPI 20



EXPI-EXPI 21                                               EXPI-EXPI 30



EXPI-EXPI 31                                              EXPI-EXPI 33



EXPI-EXPI 34                                                EXPI-EXPI 35



EXPI-EXPI 37                                                EXPI-EXPI 39



EXPI-EXPI 41                                              EXPI-EXPI 42



EXPI-EXPI 44                                               EXPI-EXPI 46



EXPI-EXPI 49                                              EXPI-EXPI 50


All EXPI-EXPI Art is printed on archival paper with archival resin inks and
will last for generations. This art is available as Prints and
Special Greeting / Note Cards not available with other art works.
Cards are printed on archival paper and archival resin inks making the Card
Equal to a Fine Art Print and may be Framed!

The Ultimate card and Gift to your recipient!

May be used for any occasion. As Sympathy cards; we will print your favorite
Psalm or Verse.

These Special Prints, 7.5 x 10 are $100 for the No. #01 prints
$50 for all other numbers.
Cards are only $2.50 each and come individually packaged.
Shipping and handling $6.00 regardless of amount ordered. Insurance + $2.00



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