Journeys Within the Mind of
the Artist

Gallery 2

Below is a selection from the Second Fifty of this "EXPI" series.



              It Has Yet To Be Seen                






Country Girl



SSpring Peeper



Ant Nest



Jelly Biscuits



Lady of the Court



Kelp Prowler



Toe Dancing









Coming of the Nose-Hair Dragon



Exotic Dancer



Water Lilies



Super Baboon



Spare the Ribs



Misty Blue Mesa



White Harps



First Life



Tapestry of Life



Beware the Other Side






All these works are sold at: 11 x 14 matted & framed = $185
                                       : 12 x 16 matted & framed = $195


All are available as the ultimate in Greeting/Note Cards!
The cards are actually Fine Art Prints that may be framed
and will last for generations.   Each only $2.50.



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