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Mixed Medium Art

The Artist's Mixed Medium Paintings are the result of a long line of work including photography, numerous variations built in the Photoshop program in the computer,
printing with archival resin inks on Fredrix canvas
and the use of oil paints to finish the Artist's creative process.
Each painting is truly unique unto itself and, with care,
will last through many generations.

Presented here are the Artist's first works in this new genre.
All paintings are 7.5 x 10 or 10 x 7.5 inches.



"Decorating Hats"
A scene from old Sturbridge Village








Gristmill at the Wayside Inn Complex, Sudbury MA.



"Russian Forest Campfire"
Lomonosov / St. Petersburg area in Russia




Cape Cod




"Trail Mates II"
A Scene from Old Sturbridge Village




"Rocky Bar"




"The Old Stone Bridge"








"Blue Caladiums Winter"




"Blizzard I"




"Yellow Roses"




"Cereus"  P2




"Golden Mist II"




"Pink Daylily Swirl"


All these works are sold at: 11 x 14 framed = $185
                                       : 12 x 16 framed = $195