Journeys Within the Mind of
the Artist

Gallery 3

Below is a selection from the Third Fifty of this "EXPI" series.




Next Generation                                              Wired Drummer



  Diatomics                                                      Up and Over



Boards to Desert                                                  Cyclone         



 Absinth Dreams                                                 Morning After      



Totem                                                            Lectern



 Mugg-gg                                                        Face Chaps



 Mother and Child                                                      Zoo           


     Dolphins                                                     Lake Canyon



    Arthur's Cup                                                       Trojans      


All these works are sold at: 11 x 14 matted & framed = $185
                                       : 12 x 16 matted & framed = $195


All are available as the ultimate in Greeting/Note Cards!
The cards are actually Fine Art Prints that may be framed
and will last for generations.   Each only $2.50.


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