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     Ice and snow lay heavy and thick for as far as the eye could see. 

Even with a bright sun, the temperature was an even minus ten degrees.

Yet in a wide fairly flat expanse, a large puddle of water was forming. 

The wetness grew. The snow quickly melted away and suddenly 

the ice beneath it no longer existed. Water and steam burst into the 

sky with an ear-splitting shriek which shook snowflakes into the air 

for up to ten kels away! The stream grew thicker, higher, louder.

The cold winter sun was rapidly disappearing in the enormous cloud 

of steam which began blotting out the sky. The cooling top of the

boiling moisture turned to flurries of flying snow which melted as 

they fell back into the superheated stream and then refroze as the

droplets blasted upwards again and were carried farther and farther from 

the earth below. The frozen crystals formed themselves into a massive 

snowstorm with a heart of steam. The deepening shriek turned into a roar 

which made the land tremble and shake from the growing fury. The hole

grew into a monstrous maw spewing greater and greater volumes 

of scalding water and steam. The earth surrounding the  edges of 

the opening broke away and disappeared into the hole only to 

instantly reappear as crumbled bits flying up the towering column. 

The growing opening began to glow an ominous dark red while a white, 

red-tinged hurricane crown billowed above it. The lava core of the 

planet had found its way through the overlaying crust and was torturing 

the bedrock to destruction as it viscously clawed its way through

the slowly widening tear in the earth.

(The story continues)  
© by author Edward R. Rogaishio
         No reproduction or other use without express written permission of the author. 

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