Short Stories
Outrageous Humor


These "Royal Goatee" stories center around our hero's truly
unbelievable and insane adventures that he falls into time after time and often
because of or at the expense of his precious goatee.

The First Story in this series is titled: "Ye Royal Goatee" and involves
Fruit Flies, Hummingbirds, an extraordinarily large Fish, and Halloween.

Each story, packaged in a vinyl folder, includes a cover picture as above and a picture, below,
representative of some facet of that story's adventures.

This picture below involves Hummingbirds Holding our Hero Hostage.



The Second Story is Titled: "Ye Royal Goatee in Winter"
This one involves tremendously Stormy Weather, Snows entirely covering Small Houses,
a crash-landed Santa and his wild Reindeer, Bedbugs, and a most unfortunate incident involving
Falling into an Already Occupied Tub.

Santa's Emergency Backyard Home Away from Home



The Third Story is Titled: "Ye Wondrous Royal Goatee"
This story follows closely on the second where our hero cannot sleep because of
a heavily snoring wife, and is inspired to make wildly different Snore Arrestors, then
nearly drowns Himself in his Garage, becomes painted Yellow, and daydreams of days
in Las Vegas and near disasters Flying, at the Golden Nugget, The Imperial Palace, Elvis, and more.

Las Vegas



The Fourth Story is Titled: "Springtime Ye Royal Goatee"
Spring thaws flood the streets touching off boat races and parties. Our hero is carried into a
jet stream riding a cigarette boat, is carried off by birds,
survives riding an avalanche and eventually rides home on a grizzly bear.

Singe, the Grizzly Bear and Friend



 The Fifth Story is Titled: "Writing Ye Royal Goatee"
Our Hero decides to write a book. On his trip to a store he is stalled in traffic
which brings back memories of ridiculous and terrible events in Florida and Mexico.
He drives into a sinkhole which takes him into a cannibalistic ancient tribe.

The wild Tequila and Mariachi party in Mexico



The Sixth Story is Titled: "Ye Royal Spectral Goatee"
Our Hero discovers that his cat, Tchaikovsky, has the ability to communicate
through ‘mindspeak’ and to take him into the universe of spirit life.
While on a journey into this different existence our hero manages to vanish
into a sphere of violence before extracting himself.
They then journey through friendly and amazing planes before returning home.

Spectral images of our hero, his cat and a buffalo following sunsets around the world.



This Series is being continued and as each story is finished it will be featured here
for your continued pleasure and entertainment. There is no apparent end in sight.

The Cover Photo was taken in Lomonosov, Russia at a Reception by the Russian Artists'
group, "Kolorit". This was a Cultural Art Exchange between the artists of Kolorit and the Artists
of the Framingham Artists' Guild. It was done within the framework of Sister Cities.
Artist/Author Edward R. Rogaishio, who was Guild President at the time, Chaired the Project
and was Tripmaster. At this Reception for the artists he was honored to receive
the book in the photo, a copy of the 16th Century Russian Illuminated Codex,
"Tale of the Battle of the Kulikovo Field", from Kolorit President Victor Petrov-Grinev.


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Fine Print: All pictures were constructed by Edward R. Rogaishio.
                    Hummingbirds, Las Vegas, Grizzly & Buffalo courtesy the Internet.


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